Hall Government Meeting Minute 2.25.14

Walton south minutes:

1)   People:

a)    Staff:

i)     Drew, Andrew, Adam

b)   Elected peeps:

i)     Grace, Jeff, Anna, Kyile, Anna, Chase

c)    Senate:

i)     One-????(Can’t remember his name)

d)   Guests:

i)     Josh!!!!!


2)   RHA: Updates: With Jeff!

a)    Stuff

b)   Student staff removal:

i)     Grace-Yes

(1) Question about RA requires

ii)    Jeff-Yes

(1) Interesting prospective

iii)  Josh gave prospective

(1) Rotating works, but it doesn’t allow following of issues

iv)  Drew:

(1) No other RHA has student reps

(2) RA’s could have voting reps

(3) Maybe yes.

c)    Riley updates

i)     The great valentines debacle


3)   The pres. randomness:

a)    New couches in TV room

4)   Programing updates:

a)    Music thing with words on screen. Tone-deafness

i)     Room is held for RHA until 9

(1) Josh says we could ask

(2) Grace suggest that move to Tuesday

(a) Maybe cancel hall gov meeting

(i)   Have to check with Walton North

b)   Olympic meeting

i)     Quiz bowl

(1) Topics of meeting for pres council

c)    Updates

i)     Plaque is coming

ii)    So is food via Drew!

d)   Hall games

i)     Make poll

(1) Kick ball

(2) Frisbee

(3) What  Trent said:

(a) Stuff?

5)   Drew stuff:

a)    Common readings:

i)     Michelle Norris

(1) Grace of silence

b)   Tim McMannon presentation

i)     OSU professor on leadership theory

(1) How gender applies to leadership

ii)    Week before final week

(1) Meet at Drew’s office at 5:15

(2) March 13th

6)   Naps are good according to Adam

7)   Meeting adjourned

8)   After meeting notes

a)    Drew’s quiz is coming soon

i)     Is it hard?~No

ii)    Can you fail it? ~No

b)   Andrew

i)     GSH event the anatomy of an Orgasm

(1) Coordinating it this year







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