Walton North Meeting Minutes 1/28/14

Movie night the 16th

·      Movies featured: Bridesmaids and X-Men Origins double feature

·      Line wall with lights

·      White sheet to project on

·      Projector and Sound systems open for use

·      Popcorn bought at LLC for a point

·      Candy?

·      Advertise movie night!! Have posters up for two weeks

·      5 posters

·      Treasury: splitting up the cost of the pizzas

·      TV proposal passed, but we won’t get TVs this year, but TVs for all halls next year!

·      Winter Olympics tabled

·      Drag show February 6th FREE 8:30 GSH

·      Walton South dodgeball?

·      Dodgeball for Walton north in the spring?

End meeting 8:36

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