Hamilton West Meeting Minutes 12/3

12/3 Ham West Meeting Minutes

11 people in attendance

Lip Sync wrap up

Do you feel the event was as success? Why/why not?

It was great success. People showed up and had fun.

What went well? What did we do to make it go well?

Keeping residents involved, structured set up

What could we have done better?

Better advertising-maybe start earlier, time the event better to get more people to                                        come

What skills have we improved on?

Communication-working with Ham East and event set up required communication skills

Finn let us all know how to paint our chests for football games. You can join the Oregon Paint Crew. It’s a Facebook group.

Finance Update

No funding slate.

RHA Update

No meeting

ELR Update

This Friday at 8pm there will be a screening of Elf and cake for a study break in the GSH Great                    Room

There’s a leadership retreat January 30th-February 2nd for $20, you can sign up             rha.uoregon.edu


We need a social/educational even for this upcoming week

How about Tie-Dye? We could have snacks and music and people would come chill

Nevermind that costs too much money

We should focus on things that everyone would have fun with rather than making sure it’s        educational

How about we hang up a sheet and have people throw things at it to relieve stress?

No that’s expensive

At some point this year we should have a Ham West vs Ham East event

We should also cater to people that are “too cool” to come to our things

How about capture the flag?

Or some kind of tournament. Sports or video games?

We should get Voodoo Doughnuts instead so people won’t think we’re idiots, we should call   them and see what kind of deal we can get

Okay event planning

What? Voodoo Doughnuts for a study break

How much money? $75 $60 donuts and $15 for drinks

When? Monday Dec 9th from 8pm to 10pm

Who? James will drive everyone to pick up doughnuts, Andrew will call Voodoo on Saturday to               make sure they have our stuff

Everyone will show up at 7:30 to set up

Lupe will advertise, advertising Friday at 1pm

Meeting adjourned

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