Bean West Meeting Minutes 12/3

Meeting Minutes

Bean West

3 December 2013

In attendance: 7


We now have Cookie cutters

60 cookies total

How many and which cutters shall we use?

Answer: 4 cutters 15 cookies each; Dinosaur, Duck, Tree, Snowman

PO at market of choice. We will pick them up on Saturday $35

Frosting $13-14

Food coloring $2

Sprinkles $16

Zip lock baggies $3

Total $70

Drinks $20-30 (hot chocolate and cider) BYOB marshmallows and whip

And remaining can be used for miscellaneous other snacks $25 (carrots and celery)

Paper Cups

PO for $150 Eden is responsible for it

Comfy clothes/PJs

Crafts we will print out papers

HERO paper for wreaths/holiday circles

Paper airplanes

Reserve Key for Debusk TV lounge (this will be done by the Event Programming form)

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