Bean West Meeting Minutes 11/19/13

Bean West

Meeting Minutes

19 November 2013

In Attendance: 8

  1. Ice Breaker: Favorite Quotes
  2. Debrief on Silence of the Lambs
    1. Great turn out
    2. We had plenty of food and drinks (great planning, go you Alex and Jacob)
    3. Alex and Cooper (Pres of Bean East) talked and they agreed working together turned out good, and we are planning to possibly have meeting with their hall government to make future coops
    4. A lot of people actually stayed fro the Q and A with the professor; good to know that our students are actually interested in gaining knowledge
    5. Government expectations
      1. How should we deal with attending the events we are planning

i.      We should all attend the things we are planning

ii.      If you can not make it just send a text or something ahead of time

iii.      If you are supposed to arrange or bring something and you can not follow through ask someone to help or pawn it off on them

  1. Meeting and event conduct

i.      We need to be more punctual

ii.      We need to stay on topic and not have side conversations

iii.      We need to work on being inclusive in our terminology

iv.      Be an active listener

  1. Budget
    1. TVs cost $16,000ish (46 TVs) for all residential lounges (we are waiting on UO Housing to respond)
    2. More Watch parties

i.       game vs Arivona

ii.      doors open at 12

iii.      free pizza

  1. Event and other planning things
    1. Clean up your lounges from the Halloween event
    2. Petition to open up the doors between halls

i.      Some girls are concerned about going back to rooms after showering

ii.      We need someone to bring petition form to Ganoe

  1. Homework (ideas for future events)
    1. Autzen movie night!
    2. Super smash bros tournament (or other video game)
    3. Cookie decorating (during dead week)

i.      Could be our stress relief activity

ii.      Get people to volunteer and pass out cookies to studiers

iii.      Dec 8 (Sunday after dead week right before finals week)

iv.      Location: Bean West Kitchen as well as TV Debusk Lounge

v.      Pre-made cookies that people can come in and decorate (Eden is going to do research on pricing and such decorations)

vi.      Hot Chocolate/drinks (teas, ciders, hot chocolate mixes, bring your own mugs (Jane will look into this))

vii.      other crafts and coloring books (Alex)

viii.      Posters (Jacob and Nick)

ix.      Put flaming logs on TV in TV Lounge (Eden may have a dvd of this)

x.      Time: 2-5 pm/ set up time 1:30 clean up time until done (should be by 6:30)

xi.      Budget: cap at $200 (everyone talk to your hall about this)

  1. Team Bonding?
    1. Weekly
    2. Weekly Sunday brunch
    3. Alex and Nick will be building a blanket fort
    4. Paintball or laser tag
    5. Movie night
    6. Community building and solidarity!
      1. Get to know the rest of your hall mates and find out if they are doing anything then go and support them/ spread the word
      2. Caswell 3 is doing a Secret Santa (they are calling is secret snowflake, with $10 cap)
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