Walton South Meeting Minutes 11/12/13

Hall Government Minutes 11/12/2013

Meeting Begins @ 8:06

TV project: wait for results from Hamilton’s request, discussion tabled for two weeks

Whiteboard project: wait for Jeff to email Drew

Blu-Ray player: money granted for player, should be put in basement next week

Adams Lounge Furniture: Expecting clocks/chairs for adams lounge

Volleyball Tournament: Saturday the 23rd, MacArthur Court, 8 teams each with an RA captain, students choose their team, 12 per team, $45 an hour with $12.5 base, funding vote tabled for next week

Randy Sullivan Academic Event: wait for Grace to email Drew/Randy

Stanford Watch Party Review: food was good, a lot of people just got pizza and left, some halls didn’t know about it

Walton Dance: Waiting for emails between Grace/Drew, to happen in January

RHA updates: Paper towels are a no-go

Events & Leadership: needs sponsership for olympic events

Service Program: Pizza-making for Homeless, monthly basis

Meeting Ajourned @ 8:46



Grace McBarron

Jeff Hallada

Emily Park

Josh Adams

Jane Taueda

Anna Tang

Nick Capaldini

Andrew Stewart

Kyile LeBlanc

Chase Callahan

Adam Norris

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