Hamilton West Meeting Minutes 10/29

10/29 Meeting Minutes: TV meeting

Meeting Attendance: 6 whole people

How are we going to get a finance rep?

Michael’s going to do it for this week

We need to advertise for to get someone to do it permanently

Hamilton Haunted House THIS WEEKEND

Come any time between 9am-7pm on Friday to help set up

Come at 11pm on Saturday to help clean up

RHA Update

Bathrooms were discussed

Constitution amended to cancel NRHH budget allocation from RHA

The RHA budget was brought up and passed around

ELR Update

2 Watch parties: Nov 7th at 5:30 in the LLC Performance Hall and GSH Great Room. There will be               pizza, prizes, and games. All money comes from RHA, we just need to bring people.

Also there is a study break at some point. Somewhere around December 5th more info later

Hamilton Olympics: we should keep bringing ideas and brainstorming even though it’s in spring

Maybe Hall Govs should be responsible for advertising for some things

Hamilton Olympics

Tug of war, paper airplanes, marathon, etc. We should come up with more ideas for events

The Budget

We officially have $811 left for fall term


Talent show: let’s bring it up with Ham East and try to plan together. November 23rd tentative date

For next week:

Advertise for a finance rep

Look over activity planning materials for talent show

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