Bean West Meeting Minutes 10/29

Hall Government Agenda and Notes

October 29, 2013

8pm Bean West Conference Room

# of People in attendance: 9


  1.     I.            Ice breaker and brief introductions


  1.  II.            Halloween Lounge Business
  • Definitive times
  • Themes
  • Man power and help
  • P.O.s for decorations/candy
  • How to purchase the candy


  1. Possible Halloween activities for the rest of the hall?

Group discussion


  1. Homework assignment from last meeting


  1.  V.            Points and the Trophy (and an OTM presentation!)


  1. Like the Facebook!


  1. General ideas for the future?


  1. Get money and get paid


  1. Adjourn meeting


Favorite cartoon?

Decorate at 4 on Thursday

General Halloweeny stuff (hopefully include interactive element)

Tour guides (for majority of the night) as well as people running the lounges themselves (5 or 6 per lounge)

$150 for decorations/candy (streamers and candy)

HERO open house tomorrow 8pm

Horror movie watching party? Sunday at 6pm in Bean West rec room (bring your own food) advertise a Halloween movie night and that movie will be decided upon arrival

UO Bean West Hall (the official Facebook page for bean west)

“Holla at your boi!” Because we have a trophy for being super spirited. To get the trophy you must write an OTM (of the month)

What is an OTM?: to be posted on facebook page

Ideas for next meeting: Thanksgiving, Christmans (holiday season), Campus Olympics, etc

Mo money Mo problems

Lets get the hell outta here!!!

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