Hamilton West Meeting Minutes 10/22/13

10/22 Meeting Minutes

Haunted House fund voting ($350)

Passes unanimously

Homecoming Wrap-up

Haunted House Info

The Haunted House will be open Nov 1-2 from 7-11 pm

Informational Meeting is Wednesday October 23rd at 8

3 committees: Make-up, Audio-Visual, and Advertising

Review of Positions and Responsibilities

All position holders must attend all meetings and be on time

Review of RHA general council happenings

Discussion of bathroom needs

Paper towels, trash cans, and toilet seat covers are needed

Hamilton asking for new tvs

There will be a meeting for tv discussion Thursday October 24 at 6 pm in Hamilton Dining

Possibly projectors? More research needs to be done

Anna explains in-services

They’re only for student staff and hall gov members?

You need two of these to be leadership certified by RHA

The Budget

$3 per resident, $1200 for the fall

$350 was allocated to the Haunted House, we have $850 left

Finn wants us to be constantly thinking of ways to spend money

Challenge of the Week

Get more ideas from friends on ways to improve things

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