LLC Meeting Minutes 10/22


        Where money went towards funding slate
*GSH Preformance hall dance classes
* GSH Cable boxes
* Pumpkin party RHA Programs

·         Bathroom Rennovations-Max
*urinals (cant do it because the bathrooms on every floor need to be gender neutral)
*Volunteer to clean the bathrooms on the weekend (student volunteers)
*Paper towels and Dyson hand dryers, 2 ply toilet paper (environmental impact)
*hand sanitizers on every floor by the elevator
* dish soap in the laundry room
        bring your own dish soap if you want to wash dishes

·         Jan talks about the RHH, Make a Difference Day – deadline passed but you can still go talk to them about volunteering on Saturday

·         Annie- Therapy Dogs during finals week
 * emailed PAAWS (People and Animals who serve) and FETCH (Friends Eager to Come Help) about having their group come around finals weeks so students can relax with the dogs
 * Need an area where they can do it (Matt said the EMU lawn or even in front of Lillis would be perfect, don’t have to go through the residence hall nonsense
 * bring it up at Wednesday meeting

·         Morgan (Treasurer) – funding for housing improvement
* reusable water bottle fillers on every floor
* to get anything passed in RHA you will need a really well thought out proposal

·         RHA Leadership Retreat
* only 32 kids signed up, can take anybody, you can pay up until you get on the bus REALLY FUN

·         Stephanie (ELR) – Money for board games and movies for the Service Center

*update games and buy movies that are more recent
*work with Walton N & S, Carson because we all use that center

·         Namratha (Programming Coordinator) – Identity Project
* boxes on every main floor
*submit a 6 word story about what you think Identity means
*Michelle Moriss (?) will put them on her website

·         Year Goals
*Rivalry: Award night at the end of the year, give awards to residents (cutest couple etc)

·         Fall decorations- HERO streamers and decorate the walls for fall

·         Halloween Candy
*bucket of candy and you give it out to people on Halloween
* 75.00 at Costco for a VARIETY candy
*Stephanie will take the lead, Haley, Aaron, Stephanie and Matt will get Candy on Friday afternoon

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