Barnhart Hall Government Meeting Minutes 10/15/13

Barnhart Hall Government Meeting – 15 October 2013

Meeting called to order at 8:06 pm by president James West

Members Present

James West

Kevin Klein


Kelly Brandon – RHA President

Logan Dix

Aiden O’Donnell

Cassandra Eggert

Spencer Timm

Jericho Bankston

Ben Sacks

Hannah Dugan

Omead Gafari

Ground Rules for weekly meetings

–       No cell phones except to check time

–       Please no interruptions when others are speaking

–       Honesty and learning and growing, for yourself and others

–       Constructive criticism

–       Keep conversations concise and on subject

–       Respond to emails within 24 hours

–       Inform board ahead of time if you are not going to be able to attend the meeting

–       Take attendance/sign in at end of meeting

–       Respect superiors (e.g. advisors, RHA executives)


Meeting Minutes

–       Homecoming overview

  • We have a float. Theme: once a duck, always a duck
  • All decorations will be provided
  • 3:30 to 4:30 pm Friday to decorate
  • Parade starts at 5:30 pm
  • Residents are allowed to participate, the more the merrier
  • Clean up afterward
  • Walk as a group from Barnhart to Walton to decorate

Meeting Minutes Continued

  • Hang fliers around building
  • For music: battery-powered speakers, playlist of theme music
  • Use hall government money for batteries(?)
  • Omead and Aiden will make fliers and hang them up tonight (Oct. 15)
  • Next couple nights: make more posters and come up with more ideas, impromptu meetings each night leading up to Friday
  • Able to use ‘The Sidekick” in Barnhart to make posters
  • Posters: “Come downstairs at 3:00 pm for homecoming float decoration”

–       Ping Pong Table information

  • Need to decide where to put table. Learning commons is off-limits
  • Potentially put table on sixth floor
  • James West motions to place ping pong table on sixth floor, unanimously passed
  • Check with sixth floor residents, get approved by appropriate and applicable people
  • Try to locate the old ping pong table that used to be in learning commons and see if it is possible to reacquire it
  • Then try to get old table from “The Break” at EMU, probably not necessary
  • Go straight to RHA capital improvement to request funding for table, this is if old table cannot be found

–       Action items

  • Cassandra says that RA’s want whiteboards in learning commons and on each floor; unsure of cost, therefore tabled until next meeting
  • Toasters? Unsure if allowed
  • Ping pong table responsibility belongs to Aiden, will research costs, different types of tables

–       Delta – Plus

  • Still talked over each other
  • Arguments were not as concise as possible
  • Efficiency was good
  • Everybody was involved
  • Agenda was made well
  • Speed of voting

–       Cassandra will attend next meeting with funding requests for Halloween decorations/events

–       Need to have a goal setting meeting next meeting


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