Carson Meeting Minutes 10/15/13

Meeting report:


Number of people that attended the meeting : Eight


1.       How shall we conduct our meetings?

a.       Decision: Not go with Parli-Pro.

b.      Orienting ourselves in a circle/horseshoe to see each other

i.      Place two tables together and sit around.

ii.      In the event of senators: place tables in front of room and face the citizens.

2.       Structure of Meeting

a.       Check-ins/Reports

i.      President/VP opens meeting

ii.      RHA Rep.

iii.      Treasurer talk about finances

iv.      Events

1.       Debrief of previous events

2.       Upcoming events

b.      Senators

i.      Open floor to senators after we execute our portion of the agenda

c.       Brainstorming/Planning/Ideas for events

How to get senators to meetings

1.       Suggestion Box/Form for people to fill out

a.       Forms on each floor

b.      Box in the lobby

2.       Senators don’t have to stay the whole time (come at 8:30pm)

3.       Directing senators to HG meetings when they approach you with ideas, concerns/questions about monies, programs, etc

4.       Advertising HG meetings (making flyers/posters)

5.       Community-wide e-mail from ned about HG.


1.       Discuss next meeting

2.       Twilight at Twilight???

a.       Come in costume/contest/pageant

b.      Candy prizes

3.       Movie Ideas (early evening; 6pm-ish)

a.       Halloween Town

b.      Hocus Pocus

c.       Nightmare Before Christmas

4.       Scary Movie Room/Silly Movie Room

5.       Photo Wall/Booth


1.       Advertising

a.       Unleash Jordan upon each floor

2.       Talk to Cheerleaders between 10/15-10/16

a.       Use LLC as a motivating factor

b.      Colors to wear?

3.       Logistics

a.       Meet at 3pm on sidewalk between Carson and eMU

For Tomorrow 8pm to 9pm in (Ramey room) Carson Homecoming Pep Rally.

Theme: “Once a Duck Always a Duck”

1.       What colors do we want to wear?

2.       Cheer/Dance

3.       What’s happening on Friday?

a.       Decorating float

b.      Walking in parade

Next Meeting

1.       Go to Hero to make Halloween signs

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