Bean West Meeting Minutes 5/21/13

Senator Meeting Minutes

Executive summaries
-Dodgeball was a hit
-Movienight was successful

Funding requests
-rha wants $1200 from capital improvements for a lap top
-Temperature check was hot

Constitutional Amendments
-Adding Hall Goverernment senators to be a part of all hall government
-staff must promote hall gov’t elections one week in advance
-Students must notify RLC at least one day in advance for the positions they would like to run for
-Finance council will meet 5pm every Wednesday night
-general council will be at 6pm every Wednesday night
-Student staff perspective committee meetings @ 5pm on Wednesdays
-reduces the number of student staff members at general council
-temp check hot
-all funding requests must be submitted by Sunday
-publicity guidelines outside groups that get funding from RHA must check out a banner todisplay at their event.
-temp check spicy
-after action reports must be at least one page
-executive board members in RHA are required to attend student staff training
-create a code of conduct for RHA meetings
-RHA President will create the code of conduct
-temp check scorching
-RHA vice president will attend the finance committee meetings and events and leadership committee
-RHA vice president shall plan a leadership retreat fall and winter terms
-temp check sizzling
-After action report guidelines will be Tika’s responsibility to make sure they are filled out
-temp check blistering
-Vice president will assist the hall event coordinator with events
-temp check boiling 
-Student staff rep will have to act as croissant
-temp check sweltering
-Executive board shall oversee leadership fund
-temp check red-hot
-getting rid of the CRC
-temp check blazing
-Toby is requesting $500 from hall gov’t for the bbq which will be on the 1st
-this will lower the cost to 7 points or even free
-temp check raging inferno

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