LLC Meeting Minutes 5/7/13

Meeting of May 7th
Start: 8:10
• Megan:
o LLC Block party is Friday the 31s
 They are asking RHA for $1000
o Carson Gambling night got approved
 Doesn’t need as much anymore thought because carson government is donating more.
o Queer Carnival
 Asking RHA for $300
 It will be held in the EMU
• Event Chat
o Hawaiian people can’t do it
o Catering wasn’t going to be able to, then was
o Idea to just join in on LLC block party doing cotton candy or something
o Austin wanted to do something for us
• New Event
o Same date
o Lawn Film movie
o Hawaiian pizza
o Mock tails
o Surfer movie
o Hand out lais
o Order pizza in waves
Meeting end 9:00pm

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