General Council 4/29/13

ZimRide and ZipCar Presentation

  • Car Shares! There are 4 zipcars on campus, and ZimRide is the same deal
  • ZimRide is a car share exclusive to students at the UO
  • ZimRide is free

Funding Slate

Name of the Organization: Study Abroad Programs

Name of the Event: Start Your Story Here: Residence Hall Spring Housing Fair

Total Cost: $648

Amount Requested from RHA: $324

Date of Event: Friday May 17, 1:30-3:30pm


Name of the Organization: Survival Center/Trans and Women’s Action Camp

Name of the Event: DIY: Do It Yourself craft night!

Total Cost: $500

Amount Requested from RHA: $200

Date of Event: N/A

  • Funding Slate was PASSED with a 25-0-0 Vote

Budgetary Update

  • Res Hall Support- $2,428
  • RHA Sponsored- $726
  • RHA Programming- $1,257
  • Capital Improvement- $3,268

Constitutional Amendments

  • First change reflects the change from “complex” to “hall”
  • The second change wanted to add NRHH as a line item in the general fund with AT LEAST:
  • $400 Fall term
  • $200 Winter Term
  • $600 Spring Term
  • $1,200 Total


  • Barnhart- planning a T-shirt competition
  • Carson- working on casino night
  • Earl- having a movie night on Wednesday
  • GSH- set the date for the end of year event on May 19, wants to do a trivia night. Campus zero waste will be coming soon, and the time capsule is still happening
  • Ham East- Working on Olympics with Ham West
  • LLC- Working on the block party on May 31
  • Walton- working on a day in paradise party on May 18
  • Riley- GOT THAT TV.

Exec Updates

  • Josh- Leadership conference is May 16 from 6-9pm in the LLC Performance Hall. Relay for life is May 11, join our team!
  •  Pat- working on legislation, congrats to all of the marathon runners and 5k runners.
  • Sierra- NACURH is coming up!
  • Natasha- Bowling is this Thursday

Advisor Updates

  • NRHH applications are due this Wednesday at 5:00 in Friday
  • RHA/NRHH Office Open House is this Friday fro 3:00-5:00

Open Forum

  • NCA track championships is coming up, be ready for news
  • Thursday May 23 is Hall Gov. Appreciation Night, presentations for sprit have to be before week 8
  • Museum of Natural history is putting on a movie Wednesday at 8:00pm about the Dalai Lama on the EMU South Lawn


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