Carson Hall Meeting Minutes 3/12/13

Carson Hall Government Minutes:


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


RHA Update (Grant):

-Executive Board Amendments were passed:

1) If executive board member’s GPA falls below a 2.5, they must meet with the RHA advisor and seek academic guidance

2) ADC shall coordinate with RHA advisor and executive board and manage RHA office

-O.T.M. (Of The Month):

-Walton, LLC, and GSH did spirit presentations

-Complaints or Evaluations for RHA can be filed with Tyler, Daniel, or Toby


Financial Update (Cameron):

-The request of $1,200 for movies at the Service Centers was passed

-The request of $2,000 for computers in the new RHA office was amended to $1,180 for one new computer and software for the existing computer and the new computer

-The request of $330 for 10 copies a day for a term of the New York Times was tabled


Approval of the Minutes:

-Grant moved to pass the minutes by a proclamation


Event Page:

-Voodoo Doughnuts event was added

-Starbucks event was added

-Balkan Folk Dance was added

-Oscar Movie Night was added

-24 hr. quiet hours was added


Open Forum:

-Food Forum wanted to know which hours would be best to cut down for the dining halls

-Abby wants to do Casino Night next term

-Evan gave is 2 week notice of resignation

-Next terms events were discussed

-May want to do one trip to Spencer’s Butte and one trip to Skinner’s Butte

-Work with the Outdoors Program

-May want to work with the LLC Block Party for our Carson Carnival



-Faith moved to end the meeting by a proclamation




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