Carson Meeting Minutes 3/05/13

Carson Hall Government Minutes:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


RHA Update (Grant):  Debate over the wording of the Constitution and the amendments made.


RHA Finance Update (Grant):

-Funding Request:  $1,200 for more movies for the Service Centers

-Comes out of the Capital Improvement Fund

-Discussed and the majority approved

-Funding Request:  $2,000 for computers for the new RHA office

-Discussed and the majority approved

-Carson Budget:  $526


Minutes Approved:  Grant moved to approve the minutes pending that no one opposed.


Event Page:

-Alex Mayer:  Delta Lambda Psi and Gender Equity Hall presents Queer Space

-Abby and Alex:  Week of Relaxation


Open Forum:

-Kyle:  Request for softer toilet paper

-Abby:  Request for $75 for the Week of Relaxation

-$15:  Meditation

-$15:  Yoga

-$15:  Stress Balls

-$30:  BYOB

-Faith:  Suggested Compost as Service Program for Hall Government

-Must write a proposal to RHA

-Work with Zero Waste

-Spring Term

-Faith:  Event Ideas for Spring Term

-Hike to Spencer’s Butte with a Professor

-Midterm Study Break with Brain Food and Study Tips

-Ultimate Frisbee/Volleyball/Other games or sports every weekend

-Carson Extravaganza:  BBQ, music, games


Grant moved to end the meeting.  Evan seconded the motion.  End of Meeting.

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