Walton Hall Government Meeting Minutes 3/5/13

Meeting of March 5th, 2013      (Start: 8:05)

• Will: Couldn’t attend his meetings on Monday because he had an interview. Emailed everyone about getting a proxy to take his place and no one emailed him back besides Rian. He understands that it was short notice. However, as a government we need to check our emails more frequently.

• Megan:

o RHA Association: Minimum 2.0 GPA, Bi monthly schedule, 15hr minimum.

o Funding slate passed full $840 for Beans TV. Plus other bean is giving $160.

o Tyler wants to get $1200 from General council to get movies for service centers

 We as a Walton government think it should be pushed back to middle of spring term and then re-considered.

o RHA wants new computers for their new office asking for $2000

 We as Walton government say reduce it to one computer for the time being.

o Bean movie night is Saturday 8pm

o Walton (how sleep affects us) presentation will be in south basement Thursday at 6:30pm

o March 14 there is a pie study break from 8-10pm in Hamilton and Barnhart.

o Heather won a great honor at the conference!!!!

• Rian:

o Updates from EAC meeting for spring term:

 Drag show April 12th

 Bowling Night

 Ducks got talent

 Hall Government ice cream and rock band

o Event: Canned Food Drive

 Austin and Rian Talked with RAs and they are on board

 Need boxes to give to each RA

 Ask Hamilton in Grab and go area

 Advertising creation takes place tomorrow March 6th at 2pm in Pro

 Run until now to 1st week back over spring break

• Austin:

o Event: Heard from many residents that it was the most fun and appreciated event we have done.

o They returned ice cream bins and got austin’s money back

o We need to start checking our emails and getting back to eachother

o T-shirts are still in progress

o Danny’s position has a goal to be filled by the first week back of spring break

 Bring people we know are interested in filling his position to the next meeting

o Will Nominated someone for OTM (good for you)

Meeting end: 8:45

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