LLC Meeting Minutes 3/5/13

March 5, 2013

RHA Stuff: Funding Slate – $2,175 for RHA office computers requested, 3 work stations, software in new office in housing center, bigger space means more work stations. LLC HALL GOV votes eliminate 1 computer and eliminate 1 adobe suite from request, eliminate 1 Microsoft office

7 in favor


Tyler Jessop: LLC TVs – Running out of money in capital improvements, request put in by Tyler including for service center

Sound Cart has been restored, TV for Debusq Bean lounge approved, where’s the old one going?

DVD funding for service centers:  $1200 for service centers requested

Constitution: New positions approved -> President, RHA Rep, Constitution review committee (VP), finance, programming coordinator, Events and Activities Coordinators

GPA requirement now -> 2.5 GPA for RHA exec members, proposed -> 2.0 GPA per term, 2.0 GPA overall

6 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain

TVs: Plan – $209.99 Westinghouse TV 32’ HD 720p 640Hz

Request $400 from RHA, $50 from LLC Hall Gov

5 in favor, 2 oppose, 1 abstain

Next Wednesday – Coffee and Doughnuts 3/13/13

8pm – 10pm, get musicians; Negina put sign in piano room

Advertise – Max L, Negina, Max B Flyers, door tags, 1 big poster

Leave to get food 7pm Wednesday Chloe, Max L, Blake

Max L contacts Starbucks and Voodoo

$36 Coffee (3 carriers), $45(4 dozen), Max L $6 Purchase Order – Max B $75 total

8 in favor




7:30-8:00pm: Max L, Chloe

8:00-8:30pm: Chloe, Max L

8:30-9:00pm: Negina, Blake

9:00-9:30pm: Negina, Erin

9:30-10:00pm: Max B, Daniel

10:00-10:30pm: Max B, Erin

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