Bean West Meeting Minutes 3/5/13

Meeting Minutes


-talent show signups are successful

-Pick up Ice-cream Saturday

-Tanner is stepping down from the RHA rep position

-we got $840 for a tv for the debusk lounge

-Open executive board position signage will be going up to advertise open position

-Next term’s exec board meeting will begin at 8:15

Senator meeting

-Tanner is backing down from RHA rep

-There will be an election for his position during the first week of next term

-Give Josh a heads up if you want to run for that position by the end of this term

-$1200 to spend on movies for GSH, Hamilton, LLC, and Barnhart

Campus events

-EMU craft center art show going on now

-Free food at the food pantry on Thursday from 4-6pm

Bean events

-Talent show Saturday @ 6

Events for next term

-Bean scavenger hunt

-March Madness

-Massage Therapist coming to Caswell during finals

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