Bean East Hall Government 2/26/13

Bean East Hall Government: Meeting 14

Funding Slate:

  • Riley requested 60$ for new movies, approved
  • 500$ for guest speaker to discuss suicide prevention, will be presented in spring (April/May)
  • Bean East request 160$ for a new TV in DeBusk lounge, 160$ from Bean West, Hall council vote to put 160$ on the table, 6 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain

RHA Representative: Cece

  • Constitutional Amendments:
    • Change Hall Government Positions; no longer having a publicist, but combining it with Program Coordinator (Change next year)
    • RHA Representative would no longer be on the CRC, instead the Vice President would serve on the CRC (Change next year)
    • President would find people to serve as proxy (stand in) when members cannot make meetings

Events & Activities Coordinator: Daniele

  • Dux in Tux event on Friday, March 1st
  • Pie Party on March 14th
  • LLC study break, during finals week (date to be decided)
  • Spring term idea: Bowling Party

Bean East: Shamrock Feast

  • Finals Study Break for Bean East residents
  • Sunday, March 17th at 8:00pm
  • Use bus for transportation to get food form Fred Meyer or Costco
  • Have either Brave or Luck of the Irish playing
  • We have 365$ left for the term
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