Walton Hall Government Meeting Minutes 2/26/13

February 19th, 2013


Meeting of February 19th

Start: 8:10pm

• Rian: Barnhart trip failed. Due to Jeannie who had to work, and Austin forgot.

• Megan: 2hour RHA general council meeting this week.

o Hamilton East want to get laser tag for residents. Asking $500 from RHA

o Suicide prevention talk wants $500 from rha

o Walton gov approves these requests

• Will: Events coming soon

o Dodgeball on Friday from 8pm-12pm

o Student art show in carson

o LLC block party

 Popcorn, dj, dunk tank, pie an RA, food, loud music, good times

o Ducks got talent

o End of the year social

• Jeannie: Emailed notes

• Austin:

o Danny situation will be covered in a meeting tomorrow

o Jeannie will talk to danny

o Events

 Ice Cream testing tonight after meeting

 Poster making tomorrow in pro

• Meeting end 8:30

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