Walton Meeting Minutes February 12, 2013

Meeting of February 12, 2013

Meeting Start 8:00pm

• Megan:

o Shows us power point she and Will are going to present at RHA

• Will:

o Start going to other complexes events

 March 1st- Dux in Tux

 Tuesdays at 2pm-Food meeting in Carson

 March 14th- Pie City break, 8-10pm in Hamilton and Barnhart

o We need to do something about Danny

• Austin/Garrett:

o They are going to talk with Danny and see where he is in government. He my voluntarily resign, if not further action will be taken.

o Until we replace Danny we need someone to go to his meetings in Earl classroom 2, Tuesdays at 6pm. Will said he will go for now.

• Events:

o Ice Cream Social-

 February 27th, 2013, 7-9pm in Walton North Basement

 Open Event

 Ask RHA where they got ice cream at beginning of year.

 Make posters next week

 Ice Cream idea- Prince Pucklers

• Megan called: $200 for ice cream

 Make a PO for $250

 Megan will get toppings on way home from work

 Flavors of ice cream- Villinax2, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip

 Toppings- Chocolate syrup x3, Carmel syrup x3, sprinkles, whip cream


Meeting end 8:50

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