Bean West Meeting Minutes 2/19/13


-Toby is coming along nicely with the Know Your Co Show

-hall budget is $596

-Zumba will be on the 25th

Senator Meeting

Executive Summary

-hall budget $596.86

-Hamilton has requested $500 for laser tag

-Thumbs up on the temperature check for the Hamilton funding request

-Dodgeball tournament received money for t-shirts

-Let your voice be heard at RHA. Go and Vote!

-Hall Government Executive board roles will be changed next year

-Thumbs up on the temp check^^

-Monday @7 pm Zumba in the Bean Conference Room afterward a peer nutritionist will be coming to talk about nutrition @ 8pm.




Free Admission – Natural History Museum @ 11

Spring Career Fair – EMU @12

A lecture on body image and the media led by Cara Freundenberg and Audra Horney – EMU @ 6


UCTC Wellness Workshops- Stress Less – EMU @ 3

M Basketball VS Cal – MKA @ 6

Ducks After Dark: Karate Kid/Back to the Future – PLC @ 8:30


Make Your Own Soap – EMU @ 2

Mile High Club: Run/Climb/Golf – REC @ 4

Baseball VS Loyala Marymount – PK Park @ 6

Glow Frisbee Golf – EMU @ 7


Lacrosse VS Dartmouth – Pape @ 12

Baseball VS Loyala Marymount – PK Park @ 2

M Basketball VS Stanford – MKA @ 5


Baseball VS Loyala Marymount – PK Park @ 12

Lacrosse VS Cincinnati – Pape @ 12


Baseball VS Portland – PK Park @ 6


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