Welcome to RHA!

RHA is the voice of students living in the residence halls here at the University of Oregon. We strive to create student leaders through initiatives and opportunities. We also create fun programs to make your time in the halls memorable. At RHA we cherish community, growth, and leadership.

RHA is the second largest student governing body at the University of Oregon and represents all students who reside in the Residence Halls. RHA makes policy recommendations to University Housing, partners with student governing bodies and groups, and connects the University of Oregon to other students through national conferences.  Additionally, RHA provides leadership and programming in the Residence Halls in order to make them a more engaging and exciting place to live.If there is any issue you have with University Housing, or you just want to get involved with where you live, RHA is the place to do it!

RHA General Council meetings are every Wednesday in the LLC Performance Hall at 6:00 PM unless specified otherwise. This meeting will be held at the same place and time every week for the 2015-2016 school year.
— RHA Executive Board

Apply to be in the President’s Cabinet:
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